The House of Finance concept (HoF) was formed in 2010 as a solid response to the changed environment for domestic and international asset management companies.

HoF offers a wide range of services and specialized resources in the administrative, company management, Compliance & Risk Management, Asset Management and Fund Management.

The goal of HoF is to provide a modular solution that can give the best response in terms of cost optimization, to focus on more productive activities and the maintenance of a constant standard of qualitative excellence: these are some of the essential prerequisites that form the basis of the HoF offer.

HoF also wants to be a benchmark of management activities as well as middle & back office.

The last few years have been characterized by major changes both domestically and internationally. Complex regulations, recurring changes and margin pressure are just some of the aspects that have characterized, and will continue to do so in the future, the whole asset management industry.

From the awareness of this starting point and on the basis of a detailed analysis of future demands the House of Finance was established.

Therefore, the essential aspects to better address the future are:

  • containment, monitoring and optimization of costs
  • concentration of resources on creating value-added activities and focused growth
  • optimization of operational management processes
  • continuous and detailed market, regulatory and requirement analysis with the aim of developing future¬†oriented solutions
  • solutions that can guarantee growth, sustainability and risk monitoring and containment.

Future full of challenges that, if addressed jointly, will be able to create and develop attractive growth opportunities.


  • Professional Asset Management
  • Professional Risk Compliance Management
  • Perfect platform to prospect / New money
  • PMS & Compliance IT
  • CISA structure / Cross selling
  • Sharing of strategic solutions


  • Private & Collettive Asset Management
  • Already future oriented
  • On-Shore solutions
  • Passporting / Market Access
  • International solutions
  • Clean solutions / Investments

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